MCube Speaker Series: Future of mobility

Relaunch of the lecture series "Verkehr aktuell"

Starting in the summer semester of 2022, TUM will launch the MCube Speaker Series - Future of Mobility in cooperation with the Verkehrszentrum Transport Museum.

Munich has big plans. In the next few years, the city wants to become a European pioneer of sustainable mobility innovations and, just like Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona, be perceived globally with its very own vision of the mobility revolution. In the brand-new Speaker Series "Future of mobility", we show 8 times a year which pioneering ideas already exist and which social questions we all have to answer together on this path.

Mobility is key to prosperity, quality of life and sustainability. At the same time, the challenges of our mobility behaviour are becoming increasingly clear. Climate change, air and noise pollution, but also international resource dependencies caused by current crises present us with immense problems. How can a real mobility revolution succeed in this interplay?

In the MCube Speaker Series, we shed light on precisely these and many other challenges and ask ourselves:

→ How can technical and social innovations help to solve this dilemma? 

→ How can one of Germany's strongest economic sectors benefit from the mobility revolution? 

→ How can growing metropolitan regions like Munich be saved from major challenges such as increasing commuting distances, regular traffic gridlock or a strong urban-rural divide?

In MCube, we follow the motto: The future of mobility can only be successfully shaped if all stakeholders from all sectors work together around the same table.

Enabling. Possibilities. Together 

That is why we are inviting scientists, start-ups, creative artists, urban designers, politicians, entrepreneurs and interested citizens to participate in this process and to contribute ideas and questions in the Speaker Series. Only together can we make Munich an international pioneer for a true mobility revolution.

The dates for the summer semester 2022 are:

  • 1st launch date: Presentation MCube - Innovation Cluster for Mobility Change in Munich & Germany-wide with leading mobility experts Munich
    Thursday, 28.04.2022 from 18.30 - 20.00 (Auditorium of Hall III of the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum, Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 Munich)
    More information: here

  • 2nd date: #Autokorrektur - Reading & Discussion with Katja Diehl
    Monday, 23.05.2022 von 19.00 – 20.30 Uhr (Cafe Luitpold, Brienner Str. 11, 80333 München)
    More information: here

  • 3rd date: #Sustainable #Circular #Mobility | Buzzwords in der Automobilbranche oder ernstgemeintes Ziel?
    Thursday, 07.07.2022 von 18.30 – 20.00 Uhr (Pop-up Eventspace FRANZI, Schwanthalerstr. 57, 80336 München)
    More information: here

  • 4th date: 9EUR-Ticket | Halbzeitbilanz: Neue Impulse für die Mobilitätswende – was hat sich verändert und wie geht es weiter?
    Thursday, 21.07.2022 from 18.30 - 20.00 (Auditorium of Hall III of the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum, Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 Munich)
    More information: here


Speaker Series #1 - kick-off date

Thursday, 28.04.2022 from 6.30 pm at the German Transport Museum (Auditorium in Hall 3, Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 Munich); Topic: Presentation MCube - Innovation Cluster for Mobility Change
23.05.22 to 23.05.22
Salon Luitpold, München

Speaker Series #2 - Katja Diehl x Katrin Habenschaden

"Do you want to or do you have to drive a car?" - with this exciting question Katja Diehl opened the evening of the second SpeakerSeries "Future of Mobility". It shows ...
Salon Luitpold, München

Speaker Series #2

with Katja Diehl (bestselling author & mobility expert) and Katrin Habenschaden (2nd Mayor of Munich) Monday, 23.05.2022 at 7.00 pm in Salon Luitpold
07.07.22 to 07.07.22
MUCBOOK Popup Eventspace FRANZI, München

Speaker Series #3 - Sustainable.Circular.Mobility

Topic: Sustainable.Circular.Mobility | Buzzwords in the automotive industry or a serious goal? Dr. Irene Feige (Head of Climate Strategy and Circular Economy, BMW Group)Prof. Markus Lienkamp (Mobilitätsexperte TUM) …
21.07.22 to 21.07.22
Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum, München

Speaker Series #4 - 9EUR-ticket | Mid-term review

Topic: 9EUR ticket | Mid-term review : New impetus for the mobility turnaround - what has changed and where do we go from here? Jana Kugoth (Editorial Management Tagesspiegel Background ...