Innovations for mobility transformation:


Mobility is a key to prosperity, quality of life and sustainability. At the same time, the challenges of our mobility behavior are becoming increasingly clear. How can technical and social innovations help solve this dilemma? How can one of Germany's strongest economic sectors benefit from the mobility turnaround?

The Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions aims to use the unique geographical concentration of innovation actors in the mobility sector in the Munich region as a "learning region" to develop scalable solutions with model character for metropolitan regions in Germany and worldwide. We are committed to sustainable, efficient and socially fair mobility, with the aim of realizing leap innovations with great economic impact and high solution potential for global challenges.

Our vision

We pursue the vision of establishing Munich as a pioneer for sustainable and transformative mobility innovations. We particularly focus on the relationship between urban and rural areas.

Our mission

We align mobility innovations with societal challenges. The MCube cluster aims to contribute to three missions in the Munich Metropolitan Region: improving the quality of time, space and air.

Interdisciplinary network

In the MCube cluster, a unique network of actors from the Munich region and the fields of science, business, the public sector and society develops sustainable solutions for mobility in metropolitan regions.

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