MCube Summer kick-off & Panel discussion

Summer kick-off

Finally the MCube Cluster was able to meet with all employees and partners for the first time in presence above the roofs of Munich in the beautiful Vorhoelzer Forum of the TUM. We were able to work together on our vision, network the many sub-projects, discuss controversial issues, learn, laugh and celebrate!

According to our guiding principles "enabling - possibilities - together" more than 100 project employees from all partners jointly developed the cluster in workshops and discussions on 5th and 6th May 2022. Among other things, we dedicated ourselves to the vision, internal communication and the preparation of the 2nd implementation phase and our three integration projects DatSim, ReMGo and SUE were able to find out together with the participants how they can advance the mobility transition in Munich, the region and beyond. Together, we started to think about the next funding phase and asked ourselves: Which topics are still missing? What other partners are needed to really become a pioneer region for transformative mobility developments?

Impulses and panel discussion

And we were able to take away exciting ideas from a joint panel discussion with various thought leaders from the region:  

  • Jeanne Rubner, Vice President of the Technical University Munich, has encouraged us to leave behind old patterns of communication between science and citizens: Away from "We know, you don't!" to "What's on your mind? What role can science play in solving problems? How do we engage in dialogue?
  • Klara Bosch, Fridays for Future Germany Munich speaker, has impressively explained to everyone how urgent the time is for the mobility turnaround. Even an innovation cluster with a 9-year term risks innovating past the climate problem if we do not act quickly and in a concerted manner.
  • Georg Dunkel, Head of the Mobility Department City of Munich, has challenged all MCube projects to experiment boldly and creatively, to go into neighbourhoods and simply try out more. The city is a living space and innovation space at the same time and, with its mobility strategy, an important driver for MCube's ambitions.
  • Carl Friedrich Eckhardt, Head of the Competence Centre Urban Mobility BMW Group, got to the heart of the fact that we have understood many problems and solutions well for years, but still fail to implement them. New forms of collaboration and political courage are needed to implement solutions faster and in a more targeted way.

Thank's to all for an inspiring "Summer kick-off" - there is much to do! #Packmas 💪

Photos by V.Zayika