Speaker Series #5 - Future of mobility - Future of the quarters

Once utopia and back. 🌱

The MCube Speaker Series has concluded the aqt Summerschool (aqt = Car-reduced neighborhoods for a livable city - one of the 14 MCube innovation projects), and presented exciting suggestions, visions, facts and ideas for the neighborhood of the future. For free and outside, on September 23, 2022, in the middle of the Au, on a centrally located public square normally designated for 10 parking spaces. For one day, this square was repurposed, a transportable bicycle stage was set up by Green City, and the entire space was transformed by TUM students into a meeting place of the future. The mobile exhibition and participation bike trailer by club.loko was used as an exhibition space for the interim results.

Within the Summerschool, TUM Master's students from various disciplines spent two weeks researching two neighborhoods in Munich - the Südliche Au and in Giesing at Walchenseeplatz - and asked the opinions and attitudes of the residents in small interventions. They wanted to know: How can we all together shape the urban neighborhoods of the future today?

More than 80 interested citizens and experts came together at the end to discuss the street experiments conducted and their innovative ideas for the future of the neighborhood in the Au and Giesing. The findings serve as a prelude to the exchange regarding two large reallabs next summer.

Embedded in the MCube Speaker Series "Future of Mobility", the following questions were raised and topics discussed:

🗽x🥨 From "Greater, Greener New York" to the "FreiRAUM Viertel in Munich": Elena Schirnding de Almeida (architect and urban planner at TUM's Urban Design Professorship) presented contrasting top-down and bottom-up strategies for change in public space and encouraged students as well as policymakers to really have more courage to change.

✳️ "Change starts in the way we see the world!" Jan Kamensky (Visual Utopian from Hamburg) presented his innovative approach with unique animations in which he playfully visualizes the transformation of car-friendly streets into people-friendly places. His vision: after viewers:inside have had a glimpse of the contrasting utopia, they return to reality with a sharpened eye - an invitation to reflect on the current situation.

⚒️ "Come and join us! Dare to do something! And try it out!" Jörg Spengler and Dr. Uwe Kranenpohl (district committee representatives from Au and Giesing) invite the students and all aqt project staff to try out the two neighborhoods, to conduct intensive research, to design the public space together with the citizens in a more experimental way and thus to question familiar mobility behavior.

🙏 A very big thank you goes especially to the aqt Summerschool students. The world is a better place with you: Elias Bradl, Katja Stiefenhofer, Ruike Sun, Jingyi Xu, Julia Carstens, Karolin Scharf, Jodok Kroitzsch, Pauline Sirch, Anne-Sophie Hofmann, Leventcan Er, Julián Sandoval Ávila and Camila Barquero.