Speaker Series #4 - Half-time balance of the 9EUR-ticket

The fourth and last Speaker Series "Future of Mobility" in the summer semester 2022 before the summer break was also a complete success. This time, our guests provided the audience with exciting impulses on the currently much-discussed topic of "9EUR ticket | Mid-term review: New impetus for the mobility turnaround - what has changed and where do we go from here?" given. 

Our first speaker Dr. Markus Siewert (Head of TUM Think Tank) gave us a short insight into his daily work and how the TUM Think Tank researches current political issues. He emphasized that it is a unique and huge change for the scientists to research a real lab experiment like the 9EUR ticket.

Before Fabienne Cantner and Allister Loder (TUM scientists) presented the interim results of the study, they explained that a combination of a tracking app (only for the Munich metropolitan region) and three nationwide surveys was chosen for the survey of the study participants. This was the only way to obtain relevant and meaningful data for the study.

The support of the study participants for the 9EUR ticket is very high. However, it is evident that car owners and people in rural areas are less willing to buy the 9EUR ticket. Surprisingly, there are no income effects on the willingness to buy the ticket.

The last impulse came from Jana Kugoth (editorial management Tagesspiegel) who gave an insight into the topic by listing the mixed voices of different sectors on the 9EUR ticket. Because there were not only supporters of the 9EUR-Ticket. Jana Kugoth pointed out that the 9EUR-Ticket as a real experiment gives good insights into the mobility behavior of the population and that the industries now have to act further after pressure from outside. The introduction of the 9EUR ticket has started a debate for the restructuring of public transport and offers a topic, which has been neglected by politics for years, now a discussion potential for the future. 

In conclusion, Nico Nachtigall and Lennart Adenaw (Scientist TUM) showed the audience the data of the study visualized on a dashboard and thus explained all results once again.

In summary, the study on the 9EUR ticket has already provided exciting data at the halfway point of the test period, yet it is utopian to expect a change in behavior among the population within six weeks.

We are eager to see the final results of the study and whether they will influence the debate on a potential successor ticket. 

Further information on the study can be found on the Webseite der Hochschule für Politik zu finden.

We thank the organizers and responsible persons of the Deutsches Museum as well as our speakers.