The M Cube cluster strategy strategy is implemented in the form of specific projects at two levels:

At the level of technological and societal innovations, M Cube comprises a total of twelve innovation projects in three innovation fields, which are being worked on in transdisciplinary consortia and are aligned with current key topics in the mobility sector. Six integration projects in three strategic integration fields are horizontally linked to this.

Here you will find an overview of the innovation and integration fields as well as the associated projects.

Innovation projects

Field of innovation: Electrify and Automate Transportation Systems



Comfortable and efficient electric vehicle and charge point sharing for residential districts


Integrated logistics concepts for sustainable and flexible urban logistics networks

Field of innovation: Develop and Integrate Mobility Options



Design and operation of semi-flexible bus networks

Field of innovation: Connect Locations and Design Mobility Spaces


Livable city

Car-free neighborhoods through multimodal mobility

Integration projects

Field of Integration: Data and Models

Field of integration: Governance, Living Labs, Responsibility

Integration field: Evaluation and System Design


Support in decision making

Providing decision support for the system design and integration of new mobility offers for traffic between city and surrounding area