Transformative Mobility Experiments

The MCube lighthouse project TrEx aims to systematically understand experiments for sustainable and scalable mobility transformations, develop them in a participatory way, test them in a business-oriented way, and strengthen them with new tools and perspectives. TrEx sees experiments and crisis experiences of various types as key to the transformation of mobility. Specifically, TrEx addresses three types of experiments that are of great relevance for mobility transformations and will be considered carefully and in a differentiated manner: (1) Natural Experiments and Crisis Experiences, Everyday World (Social) Experiments, and Innovation Experiments and Reallabs. By the end of the term, we will develop new solutions to similar challenges at different scales -- from the citizen to urban neighborhoods, to the large enterprise. As an outcome of the project, we aim to develop experiences for urban resilience, prototypes for citizen-centered transformation scenarios, and the iterative development of standardized processes for economically connectable, responsible, and safe implementation of mobility innovations. On the one hand, TrEx focuses on the level of processes, where new procedures are developed, for instance, for the safe and standardized use of reallabs or data architectures for complex innovation processes. On the other hand, new mobility must be tested and experienced locally, in mini-experiments, and in the R&D projects of the cluster itself, for which TrEx offers accompanying social science research and consulting.

Project Lead

Dr. Alexander Wentland

Professur für Innovationsforschung (TUM IF)
Department of Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Technical University Munich

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