Mobility justice in metropolitan regions (MGeM)

The project Mobility Equity in Metropolitan Regions (MGeM) aims to lay the foundation for a mobility system in which the entire population of the metropolitan region can participate in the future of mobility. The project addresses the problem of "double inaccessibility" of socially weak groups and neighborhoods. These are population groups that are often difficult to reach for both sustainable mobility innovations and scientific surveys regarding their mobility behavior. The project specifically targets various study areas in Munich and the surrounding area, which have already been developed by the state capital as urban planning "action areas" for special social policy measures (Berg am Laim, Perlach, Ostbahnhof, Neuperlach). The main objectives of the project are the development of an interdisciplinary mixed-methods study, unique in Germany, on the living conditions, mobility behavior and needs of socio-economically weak groups.

Project Lead

Dr. Alexander Wentland

Professur für Innovationsforschung (TUM IF)
Department of Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Technical University Munich

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