Simulationsmodell und Datenhub

The aim of the project "Data Hub and Simulation Model" is the creation of a central, superordinate, and digital MCube representation consisting of a holistic simulation model and a central data hub for deriving Evaluate, document and publish data, measures, and results from MCube and associated data sources. Simulation model and data hub as results of the project fulfill both individually and in combination important tasks within the framework of the cluster. The overall simulation model provides a central platform for the integration of sub-models from MCube innovation projects, thus enabling simultaneous and interactive consideration of measures and their effects within a common simulation environment. The data hub serves as an integration level for all data records relevant to the MCube and standardizes data exchange formats and interfaces so that input and output data for investigations within the MCube innovation projects during and after the cluster project are available in a comprehensible and uniform form. The integration of the data hub and simulation model creates a digital image of the future cluster, which supports the activities of the innovation projects during the project period and makes knowledge and findings accessible and usable beyond the funding period. The results of this integration project can be used during and beyond the project for public relations and information as well as for communication and documentation of research results. In addition, the resulting data basis and the integrated overall model can provide important inputs for follow-up research and serve as a basis for further technical investigations in the context of possible follow-up funding in the Future Cluster competition.

Project Lead

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Lienkamp

Lehrstuhl für Fahrzeugtechnik
Technical University Munich


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