Comfortable and efficient electric vehicle and charge point sharing for residential districts

The aim of the ComfficientShare project is to develop, implement, and test shared charging and electrified car-sharing solutions at the district level. These solutions should be designed to guarantee the users comfort and reliability at a low cost. At the same time, the operation of charging points and vehicles should be made economically attractive for the operator by increasing efficiency and capacity utilization. The project focuses on the complete electrification of a test site by introducing electric vehicles and charging points into an urban residential district. The charging points and vehicles are used exclusively by local residents and are specifically integrated into the energy system of the site so that the installed connected load can be kept low. The project aims to derive recommendations for action and findings that help to reduce the number of vehicles in urban living quarters and to electrify them, to reduce the investment required for the expansion of the charging infrastructure, Derive recommendations for action and design for new housing projects and create economic business models for charging infrastructure and car sharing operators. Findings from the project will be used by the consortium partners as a basis for the development of the new vehicle, mobility, and charging infrastructure concepts. In addition, ElectromobilityProvider (EMP), fleet operator, charge-point operator (CPO), housing associations, and manufacturers of charging hardware can gain insights into the design and operation of economic business models in the field of site electrification.

Project Lead

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Lienkamp

Lehrstuhl für Fahrzeugtechnik
Technical University Munich

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