Speaker Series #2

with Katja Diehl (Bestselling Author & Mobility Expert) and Katrin Habenschaden (2nd Mayoress Munich)

Monday, 23.05.2022 at 7.00 pm in the Salon Luitpold

(Cafe Luitpold, Brienner Str. 11, 80333 Munich)

What is it about?

Katja Diehls impressive plea #Autokorrektur for an inclusive and climate-friendly transport transition is on everyone's lips. With drive, know-how and creativity, the mobility expert whets the appetite for a society that builds an attractive and climate-friendly future for everyone together. A future that offers more quality of life in cities and in the countryside and takes modern forms of work into account.
Her book "Autokorrektur" is intended to kick off a society that is building an attractive mobility future together - today. In Katja Diehl's vision of the future, people can drive cars if they want to. But they no longer have to - because there are attractive alternatives.

"Everyone should have the right to live without their own car." is Katja Diehl's credo.

Katrin Habenschaden (2nd Mayoress of Munich) is consistently pushing the mobility turnaround in Munich with similar drive, knowledge and creativity. She demands and promotes the 365-Euro-Ticket for all, the implementation of Munich's bicycle petition, the expansion and supplementation of the underground network, the simultaneous expansion and acceleration of the bus network, the construction of an S-Bahn ring and much more.

Together, Katja Diehl and Katrin Habenschaden will be at the MCube SpeakerSeries "Future of Mobility" at 23 May in Salon Luitpold, we will first talk about the #Autokorrektur theses and then discuss with all guests what is still missing for a consistent mobility turnaround in Munich and beyond.

Come along, be inspired and discuss with Katja Diehl and Katrin Habenschaden what the city of tomorrow will look like.

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